We've joined DockYard

Two years ago we started Dobot with the ambition of growing a great art & design studio. It would be something we could wake up to every day and be proud of. And so we did: every day, seven days a week, Logan Faerber and I had woken up, sat at our desks, and worked until our brains and bodies were spent.

We worked for some of the most exciting new east-coast startups; people we’re proud to call our friends and greatest supporters (some of them I even lived with for 3 months). We planned out educational resource apps, interactive children’s stories, directed video, designed posters, and so much more. We worked our hardest on our yet-to-be-released animated web comic (scroll down below to get the preview), and will continue to.

We’re proud of all of our ideas, plans, and designs, but we lacked the ability to build all of the software on our own. We had to either find someone to do it for us, or we’d have to pass it off entirely. For a long time we shared clientele with DockYard, the incredibly talented software engineering consultancy, and for a long time we completely missed the fact that they were exactly what we needed.

Joining DockYard changes the game for us. For the first time, we have a full team of artists, designers, and software engineers. What’s more is that we love their team, trust them, and believe in them. Together, we’re going to build great things. We hope you’ll follow us at DockYard; you can start by taking a look our story below.

Thanks for everything,

- Steve

story of

The Story of Dobot

A new era dawns with the discovery of a mysterious sentient being deep in the woods of Maine. In a not-so-imaginary world where man has become greatly dependent on their computer counterparts, we are forced to watch and wait for the being's next move. Who made it? Where did it come from? What is it's purpose?